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Custom Wood Carvings

A. National Moulding & Ornament collection carving catalog

Custom Wood Carving

A. National Moulding & Ornament has the ability to hand carve a variety of different components using European craftsmanship. Our stock consists of different rosettes, capitals, corbels and appliqués in different species of wood. Our staff has the capability to reproduce custom components to your specifications.

All carvings are made in house in our Brooklyn, NY location. We take pride in our craftmanship and guarantee our carvings to maintain structural integrity and avoid cracking, unlike imported counterparts.

Custom Fireplaces

A. National Moulding & Ornament manufactures custom fireplaces to spec, using highend N.H.L.A. graded hardwoods and solid plywoods to create a beautiful furniture piece for your space. Send us a drawing for a quick price quote.

Custom Doors

At A. National Moulding & Ornament, we manufacture custom made doors in all species of N.H.L.A. graded hardwoods. Just send us your drawing and we will provide you with a quick price quote.

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